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Wire quality begins with us

WiTechs is a young mechanical engineering company – innovative and focused on the future. Established in 2007, today we are already the technology leader in the in-line pre-treatment of wire. Our service range consists of wire pay-offs, systems for the mechanical descaling of wire as well as the coating and cleaning of wire. With us you will give your wire production the best start.

Our team of expert engineers and technicians deliver a high level of value added right at the beginning of the process chain. WiTechs lines meet the most varied surface demands, and provide you with productivity and savings potential. Worldwide, we are linked to a strong partner and sales network, always close to our customers.


Further development of the double-head sanding machine with the 2-Roller-Flyer System (2-RFS)


Development of a new broadband sanding machine to increase production turnover

Introduction of the first closed control system for a wet coating machine

Development of a blasting machine for the cleaning of pre-drawn wire

Further development of the Flyer Sanding Machine

Development of a wet coating system for use of phosphate-free coating agents

Development of a steel wool polishing machine for the cleaning of wire rods

Development of the wire cleaning machine HSRT to clean the wire surface after the drawing process

Development of a new longitudinal sanding machine as part of a subsidized and joint project with the company Mevert

Commence operations on April 1st 2008 at the site in Schwerte

Founding of WiTechs GmbH by the company Ernst Koch GmbH and Co.KG and the company WTHK GmbH